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  • 200% Diamonds

    Hello all,I wondered if someone could tell me what is supposed to happen when "200% Diamonds" shows at the top of the City screen;am I supposed to do something in order to get them?...Cheers

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    This means there ia a sale when you normally get (for example) 100 diamonds when you buy will nou get 200 diamonds for this price


    • Ogoun
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      How do you buy Diamonds?

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    Thanks for that Admin


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      Actually it is a pretty good way of having enough diamonds to expand your city. I assume there are some players who don't (or won't) lay down the money to do it, but I've found it a great way to have the flexibility to take advantage of the various boosts available within the game. The boosts found in those statues of the Roman Gods will help either your economy or your army, (or both depending on how you use them) in playing the game. And, these boosts adds a layer of defensive protection. All of that costs diamonds and the double-sale offer is a good bang for the buck.


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        How do you buy diamonds? real money or game money. I am confused