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    Wow this thread is dead...

    Okay so first off.. I think you guys have a great basic concept for a game. However, to really see it kick off I would like to throw out some suggestions.

    1) Create a rally point where a person can click and view all outgoing troops and incoming troops (attacks coming your way). This can be done by creating a golden eagle statue in the town.

    2) Make a bigger map so more players can play, and open the world so there is no fog. Basically let it be a free for all world where you can attack wherever you want, but keep the time distance a factor.

    3) Beginners should have a 3-5 day protection from all attacks. Unless they choose to attack first which would take away their protection.

    4) Allow "alliances" where members can become part of an alliance that can work together to destroy other alliances/players. This would also bring more activity to the forum as many can use this to communicate with alliance members and recruit. However still allow anyone to attack others even if they are alliance members (insert evil laugh).

    5) Allow recalling troops under a certain time from the rally point. I,e, I can send out troops to attack a town, but recall them within the first 5 minutes.

    6) Allow sending troop support to others.

    7) Expand on the defense beyond troops to include a boost not only with the defensive towers but also wall protection.

    8) Make it to when you attack a town they also loose troops, defense, etc., and get weaker.

    9) Expand upon troop damage. Allow different troops to affect other troops with an advantage. i.e. Spearmen do more damage to horsemen, but horsemen do more damage to swordsmen, etc. Also allow catapults to target specific buildings. i.e. I can target to destroy someone's barracks so that they cannot build troops until they rebuild the barracks. Lastly, with this one; allow the use of rams to destroy the wall or weaken it.

    This are just a few short ideas since I don't even know if anyone really reads this part of the forum anymore. I think if you build off of this ideas then this game will go to another level.

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    I read it and agree.
    I aso would like to see aliances. and have aliace goals and aliace in game chats etc.... recruiting bonuses for getting new aliance members, rankings and bonuses for how often members play.