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    City Island 5 will be our best game yet, so naturally we will include a leaderboard

    In City Island 5 we challenge you to create the most beautiful and varied city you can! The ranking on the Leaderboard will be based on your 'Island Score', which is calculated from a number of different elements related to this.

    We challenge you to find out exactly how it works yourself and how to get to the top of the Leaderboard. For now, let me give you some hints: focus on (1) having lots of buildings, (2) having as much diversity in your city as possible, and (3) having as many citizens as you can. The bigger the better and the more diverse with all kinds of unique buildings the better

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    Tooooooo easy! Already at a good start.

    - RaduVladistas69 CityBuilder5


    • kay2
      kay2 commented
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      I just started playing City Island 5. I really like that I have a storage box to put items into as I revamp my island. I also like that I purchase extra items with keys. Big improvement from my City Island 3 and somehow I just skipped City Island 4. What I have a question about is that I am not sure when my game will show up on the leader board since my original registration was under City Island 3.

    • Dylanhunter73
      Dylanhunter73 commented
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      How do I redeem my gift codes?

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    yesterday i was on the leaderbord nr1
    this morning i am not annymore on the leaderbord !!!!!!


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      leaderboard dos not work !!!!!


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        there's have alot players lvl 0 with 0 citizens on leaderboard and I'm lvl 25 with over 1300 citizens and I'm not there... it's an bug?


        • Rhondatx
          Rhondatx commented
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          I agree , all I see are level 0 and 1 with no buildings with 10 hearts??? I have not seen myself in it and I am a 20

        • nielsnhlt
          nielsnhlt commented
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          Hi Leoo,

          We've had some problems with the leaderboards system just like the one you mentioned, but I believe they've been fixed. Are you still experiencing this same issue?

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        One of your secrets of how to get to the top of the Leaderboard is revealed to me.

        When i put a building to a storage box, my rating drops by 50 points. When i transfer the building to another place, my rating drops by 50 points. Even if I just rotate the building, my rating drops by 50 points. The rating is not raised if i return the building to its original place. Do you think that's funny?

        In order to get to the top of the Leaderboard you just need to build stupidly a variety of buildings, roads and scenery - as in a garbage pit, no beauty. It's really bad!

        To touch the buildings and move them is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!


        • Toria
          Toria commented
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          Hi nielsnhlt,

          That explains it. If this is a bug, please, fix it. This bug appears every time the building was upgraded to level 10 and I move it. I play for the second time, but because of this bug again lost about 300 points.

        • bobdb
          bobdb commented
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          this bug still occurs!

        • Raju4India
          Raju4India commented
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          The secret is to build forest, not roads and buildings. Roads has no value.

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        Anyone know why there are so many players in the top of the Leaderboard whose level is too high? e.g. a player with level 81 has only level 31 inside his game.


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          How about we have two score boards. One for cheaters who used real money (like performance enhancing drugs) and another for those thst got there paying without daddys credit card


          • DixieDarlin
            DixieDarlin commented
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            It cracks me up u think ppl who spend money on this game are cheaters. How do u expect Sparkling Society to make money? Just from ads? Dont b so cheap and pay $5.50 every now and then, to help SS.

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          The leaderboard doesnt work.
          i have two accounts. One that i havent used in atleast a month yet i have dropped to below that other accounts ranking after previously a long standing in the top ten of my country.

          also rotating and moving buildings dramatically increases happiness. But it doesnt last.


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            I have almost 10,000 citzens. A lot of different buildings, thanks to gold keys. My islands are all decorated with parks. On the leader boards I have -42,000. WTHeck?


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                Let me start by saying I personally think this is better than SimCity (and perhaps Skylines which I paid 50bucks for). The graphics are great, the gameplay moves really well, and there's plenty of opportunity to earn the gold and keys it takes to explore the game. I'd probably even send you a few bucks just out of appreciation, like $4.99 for a special building that helped speed up key processing time - a nice add to the comm'l buildings since I'm at $200M and not much else to do with it. Certainly, the game has its glitches like Diamond Box buildings losing their strength once their moved more than a few times, but I'm sure that will get worked out in time.

                But here's my problem, I made it to lvl 100, I had a happy rating of 256%, 47K people, and 45K jobs. I even had spelled out the names of my islands on the beaches using the road mapping feature - a nice touch I thought? My score? NEGATIVE 55,000. That's a big minus sign with 55,000 points in the hole behind it. Now it's true I did use the speed-ups excessively to get there, but it seems odd that I should be penalized for that? I went through and rearranged all of my cities today, thinking that maybe everyone was just too happy. Got my happiness rating down to 100% while keeping my other numbers in the +40K range and within 2K of each other while integrating my business districts with more happy buildings and residential. One of my islands (which I affectionately named Nor-Cal) turned out much nicer if I do say so myself. Result: NEGATIVE 59,000!!!

                Ok, I get it. I need to keeping working on the puzzle, and I will because the leaderboard is the only thing I have left to figure out. I've got 25 cranes, two, if not three, of every Diamond Building, more money than I can spend, and an avid appreciation for your achievement as game designers throughout the long history of the City Island franchise.

                So why am I telling you all of this? Because I'd like you to ponder a question. And here it is, if earning and spending gold and raising my population isn't enough to at the very least keep my score in the positive, why should I spend any money on the game at all? Certainly, the gold I earned on my own and spent was of no use, can I trust that spending one red cent will help in any other way. It didn't bother me so much before the change to the leaderboard that just shows me as 21st place. At least when I was 11,000th or whatever you allowed the players just above and below me to view my island and possibly hand me a LIKE, but now I'm practically invisible. It leaves me to imagine that the only other reason for my not getting at least onto the positive side of the scoreboard is so contemptible a reason that I'd prefer not to mention it here, but be it understood that while I would also like to have my small creation given the opportunity to be admired and appreciated, WE THE PLAYERS are not, with rare exception, some vainglorious fools who have to get their names to the top of a leaderboard in every situation, even on something as seemingly inconsequential as a game any person with an internet connection and Windows can get for free. I certainly hope that was not the intention you were presenting with the scoring on the leaderboard.

                Please give my words due consideration because I rest assured that you have the diligence and intelligence to do the right thing. You always have in the past, and I would hate to see this as the turning point away from greatness.



                • Marum
                  Marum commented
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                  Seeing that the Leader-board is so important to you, what is your reason for playing? For your own amusement? Or for the plaudits of your peers? Sounds like an unhealthy dose of Narcissism to me. Who gives a RA about the Leader-board?

                  Grrrooowwwlll....Marum.(Die schachspielen Katze)

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                What he said


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                  Bullshit. I just changed which account i sign in wigh and jumped 10 spots on the ladder. What gives?


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                    Hey! On the leaderboard I am holding top position..with 74 level....but I have no