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    City Island 5 will be our best game yet, so naturally we will include a leaderboard

    In City Island 5 we challenge you to create the most beautiful and varied city you can! The ranking on the Leaderboard will be based on your 'Island Score', which is calculated from a number of different elements related to this.

    We challenge you to find out exactly how it works yourself and how to get to the top of the Leaderboard. For now, let me give you some hints: focus on (1) having lots of buildings, (2) having as much diversity in your city as possible, and (3) having as many citizens as you can. The bigger the better and the more diverse with all kinds of unique buildings the better

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    Tooooooo easy! Already at a good start.

    - RaduVladistas69 CityBuilder5


    • kay2
      kay2 commented
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      I just started playing City Island 5. I really like that I have a storage box to put items into as I revamp my island. I also like that I purchase extra items with keys. Big improvement from my City Island 3 and somehow I just skipped City Island 4. What I have a question about is that I am not sure when my game will show up on the leader board since my original registration was under City Island 3.

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    yesterday i was on the leaderbord nr1
    this morning i am not annymore on the leaderbord !!!!!!


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      leaderboard dos not work !!!!!


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        there's have alot players lvl 0 with 0 citizens on leaderboard and I'm lvl 25 with over 1300 citizens and I'm not there... it's an bug?


        • Rhondatx
          Rhondatx commented
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          I agree , all I see are level 0 and 1 with no buildings with 10 hearts??? I have not seen myself in it and I am a 20

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        One of your secrets of how to get to the top of the Leaderboard is revealed to me.

        When i put a building to a storage box, my rating drops by 50 points. When i transfer the building to another place, my rating drops by 50 points. Even if I just rotate the building, my rating drops by 50 points. The rating is not raised if i return the building to its original place. Do you think that's funny?

        In order to get to the top of the Leaderboard you just need to build stupidly a variety of buildings, roads and scenery - as in a garbage pit, no beauty. It's really bad!

        To touch the buildings and move them is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!