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  • CI5 suggestions thread

    What would you like to see in City Island 5?
    I'd like to have houses on stilts for water terrain (like they have in the Pacific islands), and the number of instances of each building that already exist in the city shown in the buildings menu (like in Designer City 2)
    Post your suggestions, and maybe they'll appear in the game, or a future update!
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    I love the graphics and the little details of CI5, The swimming ducks and swans with their ducklings, and of course the dogs and their owners and other people . The phonebox etc.
    What I do miss is the Mayor-button. And perhaps the different weather types, oh and instead of parks putting behind a house, some real gardens, or an allotment, that could also generate money perhaps. (I love gardening ) And more different trees.
    I also miss the Islands names like in the other CI games.
    And when you buy a house or shop with keys, it would be nice to see how many people it involves.

    I Love playing CI5, well done Sparkling Society! I hope to see many nice updates.
    Carpe Diem