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    Two leader boards. One for natural players and one for the cheaters that bought gold


    • DixieDarlin
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      I'm sorry, I'm new to forum. Quick question about cheaters who buy gold to advance themselves: Isn't the game supposed to generate money for Sparkling Society, so they can pay the people who work for them? How exactly is this company supposed to thrive if no one purchased gold, keys or game cash? I love Sparkling Society city building games bc u can reach goals without spending a penny and simply investing time. I also love Sparkling Society so much, I believe they deserve to make a profit, which means every now and then i spend $5.50 and buy gold coins. FYI: I AM NO CHEATER!!!!!!

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    Yeah you are. Theres a leader board and youve paid money to be ahead of other people who havent paid money.

    easy for sparklingsociety to make money. A once only price of $5 to buy the game.


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      More islands (of course, never have too many islands), more snow area and more things to build on mud and rock. At level 42 there's almost nothing that you can build on mud except a few community buildings.


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        Buenas , estoy jugando desde hace unos 3 meses juegos, me encanta pero es muy difícil para ganar llaves de oro , y monedas de oro ,se pasa mucho tiempo por a lograr alcanzar el cofre mayor , otra cosa con el cofre de plata repiten mucho los premios , en la isla de nieve ya no tengo nada de espacio y todo lo que tengo guardado pertenece a esa isla de nieve , debería de haber una opción de vender lo que no se necesite y así poder obtener llaves de oro o de plata o monedas de oro , busque una solucion porque no se que hacer con tantas cosas de nieves si ya no tengo espacio ,


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          Heya whata ya saying si?