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    Two leader boards. One for natural players and one for the cheaters that bought gold


    • DixieDarlin
      DixieDarlin commented
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      I'm sorry, I'm new to forum. Quick question about cheaters who buy gold to advance themselves: Isn't the game supposed to generate money for Sparkling Society, so they can pay the people who work for them? How exactly is this company supposed to thrive if no one purchased gold, keys or game cash? I love Sparkling Society city building games bc u can reach goals without spending a penny and simply investing time. I also love Sparkling Society so much, I believe they deserve to make a profit, which means every now and then i spend $5.50 and buy gold coins. FYI: I AM NO CHEATER!!!!!!

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    Yeah you are. Theres a leader board and youve paid money to be ahead of other people who havent paid money.

    easy for sparklingsociety to make money. A once only price of $5 to buy the game.


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      More islands (of course, never have too many islands), more snow area and more things to build on mud and rock. At level 42 there's almost nothing that you can build on mud except a few community buildings.


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        Buenas , estoy jugando desde hace unos 3 meses juegos, me encanta pero es muy difícil para ganar llaves de oro , y monedas de oro ,se pasa mucho tiempo por a lograr alcanzar el cofre mayor , otra cosa con el cofre de plata repiten mucho los premios , en la isla de nieve ya no tengo nada de espacio y todo lo que tengo guardado pertenece a esa isla de nieve , debería de haber una opción de vender lo que no se necesite y así poder obtener llaves de oro o de plata o monedas de oro , busque una solucion porque no se que hacer con tantas cosas de nieves si ya no tengo espacio ,


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          Heya whata ya saying si?


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            He says he wants more snow and the ability to sell things for coin or gold keys which he finds difficult to get. I ended up making farms of commercial buildings that have low profit amounts and have them continuously exchanging for keys and gold coin.


            • KringleGames
              KringleGames commented
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              Update: I've now purchased all the land on all of the islands and have way more cash than I know what to do with. Game gets pretty boring at this point. Any building that is at a level 10 is now being used to exchange for keys or gold. Occasionally add a new building but the pace of the game is REALLY slow now as there's just not enough to do. Need more islands (especially ones with snow).

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            1.I would like to find out the amount of coins or money needed to unlock islands when I hit the information button on the island. 2. Make it possible to place canal on the water (like on land) so boats can sail on water where we want them. 3. name the islands, 4.buildings should be marked on the menu when bought


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              I have two serious suggestions:
              -- Island Snapshot: a static view of a whole island, a JPG download.
              This service may be not free, I personally would pay some 1 €/snapshot.
              I think the snapshot is being asked for since years by the users.

              -- Two viewpoints: buildings already have two views, all you have to do to draw the other, 90° turned view of the landscape,
              and give every building a viewpoint-flag (I guess they already have..., these should be just flipped for the other view...)
              You may decide to provide this service only in the paid version of the game.
              Different views are required constantly by the users.

              And a remark: those animated people are lovable! So vehicles should have taken care of them. I see people are hit very often at crossroads... (I admit, collision detection may be difficult to solve.)


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                I see a newest seventh island but l can not buy it because it is locked. What l need to do to unlock a newest island. Thank you very much.


                • krulljozsef
                  krulljozsef commented
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                  1. Tap padlock: an i icon and an open padlock appears, tap this for the cost of unlock
                  2. (this is a SUGGESTION) Two taps are unnecessary, why don't you (SparkSoc staff) display the two icons directly on the map?

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                Would it be terribly difficult to put a filter in the buildings purchase so you could see just the "rocks" buildings, just the "sand" buildings, etc.? That would be awesome!

                Also, could you show the populations and job numbers specific to the island, and be able to toggle back and forth between "all islands" and "current islands" or something like that?

                Thanks for asking what we would like to see.


                • krulljozsef
                  krulljozsef commented
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                  If you put a filter and forget to remove, the buildings for other ground types won't show.
                  While it is tedious to scroll over that soooo many buildings, it may be useful to know, what buildings are available.

                • DataBased
                  DataBased commented
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                  krulljozsef I'm a big girl - I'm old enough to not blame others if I forget to reset my views. It's not just tedious to scroll through - it would help the developers see how imbalanced things are toward "grass" buildings and "water" buildings. I don't know you, so I won't assume you're insinuating anything about me personally - but my suggestion stands. It would be good for the game.

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                What I need to do to get this island? I have 1.7.3 version of this game.
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                • Toria
                  Toria commented
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                  Your airship needs to be on a connecting island and you can unlock it.

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                I'm on a Mac and running the latest version 1.5.2. That new island isn't on my game at all. Sad...


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                  I'm in the same boat


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                    The most urgent task for the development team right now is to fix the crashing issue. After that, I have some suggestions to the latest patch:

                    1. There are more chips for the fortune wheels from opening chests. I now have 5000+ chips now. I think it will take me at least half an hour to consume all that chips. It would be of great help if you can provide "10x" or even "100x" function, i.e. consuming 250 or 2500 chips to get 10 times or 100 times rewards respectively.

                    2. In the storage house, I strongly suggest to allow players to preview the parameters of the buildings before placing it on an island. The same apply to the "key shop". I need to know the parameters before making my decision on whether to buy the building or not. Now, it is very troublesome. I need to remember the appearance of the building (in particular the residential buildings because there are so many buildings sharing the same name) and then search that building in the shop to get the parameters.

                    3. I know the buildings received from opening chests do not occupy storage boxes. However, if there are too many buildings stored in the storehouse, the game will become very slow when accessing the storehouse. Hence, I am still required to remove those unwanted buildings. At present, I need to actually build them on an island and to demolish them after that. I sincerely hope that you can allow us to dump those unwanted buildings from the storehouse (limited to those received from opening chests, but not those stored in storage box).

                    4. "Filter" function (as mentioned by DataBased above). With more buildings to be added, this function becomes even more important. I don't agree with krulljozesf that because there is a chance of forgetting to remove the filter, the "filter" function should not be provided. If somebody uses the filter function, he knows the presence of such function. If he cannot find certain kind of buildings, he should realize that he forgets to disable the filter function.

                    5. I don't know the purpose of generating purple mist from special buildings. It is completely useless. Even if it does not lead to crashing the game, it still messes up the screen making players more difficult to manage the island.

                    6. Grateful if you could also add some special buildings to be built in water.


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                      I would also like to make a further request. Could you please lengthen the cash display field to display more digits? I have just accumulated more than $10 billion cash and the first digit is hidden behind the cash icon.