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    When building on a tiny piece of land big enough for one building it is silly to have to put a tiny piece of road that then gets a vehicle on it! It needs the ability to connect to another road or remove the necessity for a road.


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      How is the progress of solving the crashing problem? Although my crashing problem has been solved, I still find occassional post in this forum complaining that the latest update patch did not solve the problem. Hope that this crashing problem can be solved soon.

      Once the crashing problem has been completely solved and your development team returns their attention to work on the next improvement patch, please seriously consider the following:-

      1. (very high priority) Please allow players to demolish boost buildings. I guess that someone may have complained for "accidentally" demolishing the very rare building, but you should not change the game to make it impossible for players to demolish them. Building demolition takes time, and as far as I can remember, demolishing a boost building took a couple of hours. Players should have sufficient time to change their mind to cancel the demolition action. If you want to help them further, you can add a pop-up message to remind players before confirming their demolitation action on boost buildings. My problem is, I have more than 50 boost buildings in my storehouse and surely I only want to keep the best ones. I would like to demolish some boost buildings with lesser effect, and I had been doing so in the past. It is unreasonable for forbidding players from demolishing buildings that they don't want.

      2. (moderately high priority) Please allow players to dump those buildings which actually have not been built. There are two kinds of buildings in the storehouse: buildings received from opening chests, and buildings players actively put them into storeboxes. For the former one, I think players should be allowed to dump from the storehouse direct because these buildings are not yet built and quite a lot of them may not be wanted by players (surely, players won't want too many low-earning banks when they can build pet shops). Now, I have to spare quite a lot of land in each landscape for building and demolishing buildings received from opening chests, which I think it is quite unreasonable. However, for those built buildings which are actively put into storeboxes by players, these buildings can only be deleted by demolishing them on the map.

      3. (middle priority) There is a special shop where players can buy buildings by silver or gold keys. Please allow players to check the parameters of the buildings before buying it. Now it is too convenient that players will buy the building with only one click, and such "excessive convenience" is actually a big inconvenience. The same applies to the storehouse. Players should be allowed to check the parameters before putting them on the map.

      4. (low priority) Please lengthen the cash field by two or three digits. I now have $16 billion cash but because of the field length, the first digit cannot be shown. Nevertheless, this won't affect the game play too much, you can put it in a lower priority.

      5. (very low priority) Please consider allowing players to collect all cash, keys and gold coins yielded from buildings by only one click. You may make it a special function that players can only buy it by gold coins.


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        urgent new island i have more then 200 buildings to place !!!!!


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          How can i redeem code for city island 5 w android??


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            CI5 - I would like a progress bar for level. I'm on an apple computer (iMac). To get the daily reward, I have to quite he program and reopen it. The program does not show the daily reward otherwise. The reward "play 10 days in a row" does not update if you quite to get the daily reward.


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              Would like to have some indication that bugs are being fixed or even acknowledged after reported. Then again, I suppose that is not CI5 exclusive.


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                With some of these businesses, it might be nice to be able to build a parking lot or nearby parking garage, maybe being able to watch people enter and exit their homes and enter and exit the businesses instead of just seeing them walking dogs or kids in stroller or watching kids kick soccer balls near main streets... would be nice to see the people actually go into the parks, homes, businesses etc..

                How about some office buildings and a few similar type white collar businesses not just food or such like that?


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                  It would be neat to see the citizens interacting with each other maybe conversation bubbles and giving us a chance to interact with them.. this could take all your games up a whole new level!