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    Just in case not everyone has abandoned this game yet, I had a couple suggestions. Get a Scoreboard that works... I have expressed my opinion on this elsewhere along with others. so I won't waste more time on it now. Also, can we please get building credits... I have no use for 30 Sport Stores or whatever, and currently the only option is to either fill our islands with a ton of identical buildings, fill up our storage with the many duplicates or blow the up! We worked to earn them and it seems we should get some kind of credit when removing them from play. Get MORE buildings! Lots more, and make more available for cash. If you'd offer the same buildings in 10 different color combinations, it would really make things better too. Also, add bridges that bend for corners. Remove phone booth and add cell tower LOL... I have more of course but I am thinking the creators aren't reading their own forum anymore.


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      I would like to see a way to convert money into gold coins, and taller trees to place behind tall buildings, and a way for cars to travel from one level to another level ---. reward gold coins every time we send the airship to another island.


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        How about some natural disasters,
        sea level rising wiping out beach property’s,
        the volcano you could go to town on that,
        people leaving town because of no jobs, and on the other hand shops and stores closing down because of no employees.
        This could give everyone a fighting chance.


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          in the tower crane, in each icon "house", commercial building, ... set some filters like "only buildings on the snow, grass,..." or "only building buyable with coins or money"


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            More islands please?


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              ​​​​​​City Island 4: 4-gd1nf

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                It would be better if the cars and the citizens don't crush each other.
                Thank you


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                  My invite code in City Island 5 : f2wxf8a
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