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For us focus is what counts, and what we love most is to work on the improvements of our games in every sense. We are determined to deliver the best city building experience on mobile.
At the same time there are still many other options to connect with fellow players, which we encourage you to explore.

For City Island 5 players; please visit the Facebook group We are not affiliated with this group, but they have told us that they are glad to welcome you all in their community. Most likely, initiatives like this are available on Facebook for other games as well.

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CI5 suggestions thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    Just in case not everyone has abandoned this game yet, I had a couple suggestions. Get a Scoreboard that works... I have expressed my opinion on this elsewhere along with others. so I won't waste more time on it now. Also, can we please get building credits... I have no use for 30 Sport Stores or whatever, and currently the only option is to either fill our islands with a ton of identical buildings, fill up our storage with the many duplicates or blow the up! We worked to earn them and it seems we should get some kind of credit when removing them from play. Get MORE buildings! Lots more, and make more available for cash. If you'd offer the same buildings in 10 different color combinations, it would really make things better too. Also, add bridges that bend for corners. Remove phone booth and add cell tower LOL... I have more of course but I am thinking the creators aren't reading their own forum anymore.


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      I would like to see a way to convert money into gold coins, and taller trees to place behind tall buildings, and a way for cars to travel from one level to another level ---. reward gold coins every time we send the airship to another island.


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        How about some natural disasters,
        sea level rising wiping out beach property’s,
        the volcano you could go to town on that,
        people leaving town because of no jobs, and on the other hand shops and stores closing down because of no employees.
        This could give everyone a fighting chance.


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          in the tower crane, in each icon "house", commercial building, ... set some filters like "only buildings on the snow, grass,..." or "only building buyable with coins or money"


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            More islands please?


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              ​​​​​​City Island 4: 4-gd1nf

              City Island 3: 3-56dgeh and W3-3eed3

              City Island Airport Asia: Z-finf8

              Tropic Town: CL-6hf85

              Farm Dream: FV-kfpd3

              Town City: TC-20ec53

              Paradise City: PC-le7nb and PCw-i35cd

              Tropical Paradise: PCLw-g09bf

              Deck Adventures:
              Friend code: WA-ci2ln
              Invite code: 11mlfl
              I'm in the top 100 in the leaderboard!

              Battle Cards:
              Friend code: WAL-j7l8l
              Invite code: 19wiqp

              Jurassic Dinosaur:
              Friend code: DA-6hag7
              Invite code: 1jhnw9


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                It would be better if the cars and the citizens don't crush each other.
                Thank you


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                  My invite code in City Island 5 : f2wxf8a
                  I'm in the top 100 in ranking!


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                    One question (dont know if it can be taken as a suggestion):
                    I have played CI4 and CI5, I have noted one major difference. In CI4, I had the option to increase the workers through the factory upgrade option but in CI5 all I have is 5 cranes which is really hampering my progress to upgrade and advance in the game. How do I increase these? any idea?


                    • amanalimoosa
                      amanalimoosa commented
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                      Thank you for the help. it is time consuming to convert silver keys into golden ones but I will get there eventually.

                    • sidgewitt
                      sidgewitt commented
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                      To add to Tjerp's comment, if you can't be bothered to exchange all the silver keys for gold keys, just getting silver chests still gives a chunk of gold keys without tying up all your profit-making businesses. Uses more silver keys per gold key, I believe, but you get other goodies at the same time and it feels like less of a slog ;-) Then save up the gold keys for the diamond chest.

                      The other option, if you're in the mood to donate money to the developers, is to purchase cranes with real money, though if you do that, wait for the crane Sale when they're cheaper, which pops up every so often ;-)

                    • amanalimoosa
                      amanalimoosa commented
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                      Thank you sidgewitt.
                      I will try your approach too.

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                    - more buildings always welcome, also more options for decorations, particularly for more parks that have entrances at the corners or multiple sides so they make sense put next to paths at different angles

                    - ability to spin building all the way round so I have choice of four angles instead of two; I know that means seeing the back of the building but it's illogical having the back of a building facing the road just because of the angle I'm viewing it. Makes it impossible to put buildings around a central feature like a park and have them all being able to face in, which is what would make natural sense

                    - ability to trade-in unwanted duplicate buildings for cash or keys or... well, almost anything really

                    - make it possible to see the footprint size, income/inhabitants stats of a building in your spares box, otherwise you win things in chests and have no idea what it is until you place it somewhere inappropriate

                    - have some sort of presence on your forum so that players get the feeling you're still maintaining this game

                    I'm sure there are smaller ones too but those are the main things that bug me currently. Pleasant game otherwise :-)


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                      Happy to have new active friends!


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                        Very often structures are repeated in the chest, and it is annoying! People and workers have been populating for a very long time, it’s very inconvenient to add friends, those who are offered by the game itself apparently no longer play, and do not answer! Correct these points please, and where to put unnecessary buildings !? Or what to do when there is no place on the islands? And I'm only at the 45th level ???


                        • #73
                          I would like to see some sort of water based home. Houseboat or stilts. Also
                          some community buildings able to be placed on multiple islands(like some of the parks etc).
                          police, fire, hospital, post office possibly