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  • Cranes unavaiable?

    i have 20 cranes, several buildings finished building but the cranes are still unavailable??? that's not happened before...


    • I was wondering if there's a maximum number of cranes we can have. I have 8 and the last time I bought a gold chest, I did not get a crane or the red and white chips. Now I'm thinking it may be a glitch. Lately, I've noticed the cranes are slow to show up after completing a task but when I go to that island they appear or when I try to start another building I have been able to.
      Last edited by Jenner; 26th September 2019, 14:43. Reason: Reread first post and noticed writets isdue was a little different than mine but i have had similar issue too.


      • Tjerp
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        I've been told that the rewards from the crates are completely random and there's no certainty you get something. Things like the level up, the crane and the chips are things you CAN get, but some times you don't but then you get more coins, more keys or better buildings instead.
        About the crane counter, I don't know why it's like that but for me it has always been that way.

    • I cannot purchase from store. First of it show prices in pounds then it tells me it can't connect to the store if I click on it. I would like to buy some gold coins, help!


      • my data in the cloud do not change, always stay on 22.september, why