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  • King of the Money Grabbers

    Before I continue this post, let it be known that this post is NOT slander because what is written herein is painfully obvious and true in EVERY Sparkling Society game and you'd have to be living in utter denial and blind to deny the truth of this:
    . Sparkling Society, as most game app developers, are straight up money grabbers. Overpriced items for barely nothing in return. Yeah, they have to make their money too like the rest of us. But as many people as play their (Sparkling Society) games you would figure they would lower their prices.
    . But the fact that buying buildings from every category ALWAYS becomes highly and ridiculously expensive....has gotten very old. The fact that items that can only be bought with gold becomes way too many and highly expensive and way too a complete proclamation that the money in your wallet- ALL OF IT- is wanted by Sparkling Society, who maintain their sparkle with all of your money. And why is it that when you buy 1,2, or 3 (a lot of times only 1) that THAT item all of a sudden becomes a gold-only item???
    . Make Sparkle wait and wait and work hard to get EVERY DIME OF WHAT YOU SPEND, because they do it to us by overcharging us and giving barely nothing in return. You know it's true.

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    I absolutely refuse to buy anything from sparkle with real money. I cant belueve people actually do this. You must be the sultan of Brunei to afford the rippoff that is in app purchases from this company.


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      I think there should be landmarks that can be bought with only gold and everything else with money. The reason buildings cost gold after you have a certain number of them is because you unlock more copies of them as you level up, that's something I think should stay to prevent people from buying hundreds of the same apartment block and getting first place in the leaderboards without actually building a city.
      I may not like what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.
      - Voltaire


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        Mitch i would agree with you if the game wasnt continually suggesting i build those buildings.

        cmon. This game is poker machines for kids.