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Friend Codes or codes y'all give us

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  • Friend Codes or codes y'all give us

    How do we put codes in now? I can't find it anywhere

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    Hello Rhondatx ,

    Currently, there is no Giftcode redeem feature in the game CI5 as there are other options of earning in-game currencies such as spinning wheel, Currency exchange and much more.

    Also, we send giftcode emails to players who have subscribed to our newsletter. For the giftcode you recieved via email, there will be a link provided which will take you to a website where you can enter your friendcode and giftcode and redeem it.

    If you are experiencing a problem, please send details of what it is along with supporting screenshots to our support team at Or Or Or Or, so that they can assess and help you in the best way possible.


    • Capricorn8BG
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      I cant find where to redeem giftcode,which i got in my email,link is for utube,only.Please,help

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    I cant find the link in the news letter, what am I missing?


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      I dint think they know what they are doing. Ive emailed them quite a few times with a different response every time. Still no answer