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    Hi i am new to this game can some one tell me what I have to do please?

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    Hi, Aaron!
    I just started playing this week. I also could have used a few more instructions to get started. You start out with some gold coins. You want to use the gold coins to purchase one of each type of building (after you click on the crane in the bottom right of the screen, the window that pops up has four tabs on the right: the top tab has residential buildings, the second tab down has commercial buildings [from which you get profits, which enable you to build more buildings], the third tab down has buildings that increase your city's citizens' happiness level, as does the fourth tab down). So, you click on the tab for the type of building that you want to see and look at your options. As you increase in level, your options increase. To scroll through your options, click on the space between options and drag to left or right (whichever way you want to go). The green bar at the bottom shows you where you are in relation to the other options. The bottom right corner of each option usually has an icon that shows you what terrain it needs to be on (three blades of grass, a cactus for sand, a palm tree for beach, a wave for water, and I haven't figured out the one for rock yet). The cost of the building option is displayed below it in coin or profit (cash), and it may change over time. To further consider an option, you can click on it. You then have three options: you can build the building instantly by spending coin, buy it with profit/cash and wait for it to be constructed (the blue time above this option tells you how long it will be before the building is finished), or click the "x" at the top right to get out of buying it now.
    Once you have picked a building to build, you can place it anywhere that isn't greyed out or already occupied. You do this by clicking on it and dragging it where you want it. You can also rotate it 90 degrees using the yellow arrow button at the bottom of the screen. If you try to place it somewhere that's not really an option at the moment, the building will turn red. Once you get it where you want it, click the green arrow at the bottom of the screen to begin construction. As you get further along in the game, you may need to click on the magnifying glass on the right side of the screen so that you can see what spaces are still available. Also, if you later decide that you wish you had put the building in a different place, you can click and hold the building to select it, and drag it to where you want it, then click on the green arrow at the bottom of the screen to place it. NOTE: You can only build five buildings at a time. There is an option to use coin to hire more cranes to build your buildings, but I haven't found a way to replenish coin without spending money from the real world, so I recommend saving coin once you start getting profit from your businesses.
    Once you have buildings, they have to be connected by road. The icon to the right of the crane in the bottom left of the screen is for road. You can choose from three options (the wrecking ball takes away road that has been built previously). As before, click where you want the road to be, and then click on the green arrow to place it. I don't think that building roads costs money in the game.
    People will start appearing on the road, and they will start making suggestions for you. This appears as an exclamation point in a thought bubble. If you click on the bubble, you can see their suggestions. You will also begin to see profit, stars, and keys appear above people and businesses in bubbles. Click on these to collect them. The stars go toward increasing your level, which unlocks new building options. Keys can be used to buy buildings that you otherwise might not be able to afford by clicking on the key icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    Most buildings can be upgraded by clicking on them, and then clicking the appropriate button. NOTE: Upgrading an existing building will occupy one crane per building being upgraded, but it is cheaper than building more buildings. The green arrow at the right of the screen will show you what level all of your buildings are without having to select each building individually.
    Once you start running out of room, you can use profit (usually 50,000/plot of land) to purchase more land by clicking on the treasure chest in the area that you want to build in. You will be asked if you want to buy the land, and once you click "buy", it will show you the price of the plot of land in profit or coin. You can buy it coin, buy it with profit, or click the "x" to get out of it and consider other options. Once you buy the land, the land will be "un-greyed out", and the treasure chest will start... bouncing? Click on it, and it will spew tokens and then disappear, leaving the land clear to be built on.
    Eventually, you can click on the hot air balloon icon in the bottom right of the screen to travel to other islands. The other islands start out locked. If you click on the lock, it will tell you whether or not you can unlock the island (I think it's partially based on your level). If you click the open lock, it will tell you what it will cost you to access the island. The "I" button beside the lock for each island will give you information on the terrain there.
    Hope this is helpful!