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  • one of the best games

    city island 5 is one of the best games, very addictive and full of choices. as i travel in regions with no internet connectivity for weeks, i can still enjoy this game. gold is difficult to get and progress is difficult to make; that keeps the game exteremely interesting. well done developers.

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      With the following strategy you will never fall short of cash.
      Believe me, after first 20 days of gameplay, I have only 20 commercial buildings that produce 15 million cash a day! Follow the steps in exact order. Each step is equally important.
      1. Buy as many coins you can, 1720 is best. Use coins to open all islands and spend 30% coins to buy land, 20% each to buy water, desert and beach. Remaining 10% to buy rock.
      2. Invest heavily in happinrss and never let it fall below 250%
      3. Invest moderately on residential buildings and maintain employment rate as close to 100 % as possible.
      4. Invest only on commercial buildings with maxum return. If number of commercial buildings bevomes more than 20, destroy or store those with lowest return rate. Same goes for residential buildings too. Prune the least efficient ones by deleting or storing once you get better ones. Soon you will find yoursrlf woth surplus cash and vast stretches of free land and you can start buying inefficient buildings, commercial or residential, just for decoration purpose.
      Optionally, keep buying treasure chests to get best of buildings, but that is recommended, but optional.


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        What is the advantage of keeping happiness above 250%?

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      Not ever paying real money for anything... next


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        I paid real money ONLY TO BUY LAND/SPACE. Theoretically, the cash I am makimg now could have been used to purcase space retroactively, thus making the initial purchase of coins unnecessary. Without that initial boost, the strategy will still work, thouh progress eould be really slow as lot of cash would leak into buying space.


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          O got most of the best buildings thru key deals, but once i got better ones, i deleted older ones to keep the space free. I guess this strategy drastically reduces the investment needed on buying new space, thus enabling the same kind of progress in realistic timeframe without spending a dime. Think about it.


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            Nah mate nothing to think about. Not paying any money