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  • Leaderboard does not make sence

    Ok here i am ive got over 12000 citizens, level 57. Built on nearly every area of land and sea, a happiness level of .163 And am 13th place in my country with 37625 points.

    have a look at the people above me. Lets pick frog city. 4900 i s h citizens, level 32 and hardly anything built. Yet above me with 39750 points.

    how does this make sense?

    also why are my citizens topping out no matter how many houses i build?

    please have a look and someone from sparkle please explain the ratings algorith.and how this can be explained please?
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    Or as usual dont bother replying


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      In this can see...from Rank 3 to 8..they have achieved level 100 but you can't see their cities...also their hearts are zero ..I am also facing the same problem...looks like this game is sucks now...
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