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Crashing problems

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    Agreed -
    OS is Windows 10. The initial screen loads then the program exits. I do get a message saying a message has been sent to the developers. "Meanwhile keep on playing" is the final sentence... tough to do


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      Yesterday, CI5 loaded and I was able to play for a few minutes; however a couple of hours later it was crashing again...blimp appears briefly...CI5 closes.... get "bug report sent" message. I would appreciate a status update. UPDATE: 7/7/19, CI5 update installed successfully! Yesterday,
      I decided to download a new game from the Windows Store. After this other game downloaded successfully, CI5 updated automatically. I immediately played CI5 but decided not to update the post until today to
      make sure CI5 was still working fine. I'm happy to say that I've played the game twice today and it is performing as great as before!
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        looks like a patch was created - I no longer have the crashing problem. I saw the download in the Microsoft store and applied it windows 10