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Losing Purchased Items

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  • Losing Purchased Items

    I'm just wondering if any of y'all have lost items? Such as: Gold coins, keys, buildings, decorative items or land/island purchases, after the game has it's idiotic, nervous breakdown... I'm just curious if it's happened/happening to y'all too.
    Let's just say that this is not only irritating, but is a real bad pisser!! Ruining the rest of my day!!
    I hafta give them kudos for the beautiful graphics, but what's the point in playing a pretty game that doesn't even work half the time?!? I believe the individuals who created City Island 5 bit off WAAAY MORE than they could Chew!!
    . .....i'm just grateful that "Hay Day" doesn't have the B.S. issues that this "Sparkling Society" does.... smh

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    I noticed today that I have lost Bouys.