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  • No social button

    I have no button on my game for any social activity or to send friend codes. Why is this? Can anyone help me please.

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    The only 2 social activities in the game are that you can look at other people's islands and give them a heart if you like them, and the ability to send gifts to your friends once per 24 hours. (1 gift gives 5 chips for the fortune spinner)

    You can enter any friendcodes you find (there are a couple of topics with codes on this forum) by clicking/tapping the most left icon on the bottom right ingame (3 chess pawns) when viewing one of your islands. The pop-up that appears has local and world leaderboards on the left (which are switched up at the moment), and friends/find friends/login on the right. If you want to send your friend code to someone you'll have to do it outside of the game, like post a reply on one of the topics or post it on a facebook message.

    Further social activity would be on facebook and on this forum, but both are not very active.