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  • Problem with Videos

    I got a little question / bug...

    Whenever i watch a video for free keys, or to speed up making keys (those are the only 2 i found out so far), i watch the video till the end, like when opening chests but afterwards i dont receive any keys and the key making process is not sped up either. is this a known bug?

    ok it seems it just works sometimes... what crap is this?

    oh and while im at it: what does that red chest symbol mean? its in one of the edges of the chest symbol and on the crane as well, a small red chest, but when i follow it i cant find anything relating to it...

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    A lot of people have problems with the video's ever since the game came out. Some like yours, not getting the keys after watching, some watch a bunch on one day and then can't watch any for days, and for some the video won't even start.

    What helped for me is not opening the free chests. My best exchange building now gives 7 gold keys for 14 silver keys (which I usually find to be a better reward then what the free chest gives). I do that about 5 or 6 times a day. (Yes I can do it more times but when I do I some times get that I can't exchange for a couple of days)
    If this doesn't work for you, I guess you will have to e-mail the developers about it, as they rarely reply on these forum topics. You can find the mail address here:

    I think the red chest symbol just means that you can buy chests when you follow it. I think it's understandable being on the crane, I'm guessing it's on the chest as well as an extra visual direction. (Maybe for the slightly dumber people who play the game?)
    Edit: On the facebook page they say the red chest symbol appears when you can open a chest.


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      Okay thanks. Ill just ignore the not properly working videos for now and will just build up for now.
      the red chest had been gone for a short moment this morning and then reappeared. still not sure what its for, but whatever

      only thing bugging me now is that the leaderboard is basically useless. its just who fits the most decoration on its island. its even irrelevant if u got residents or commercial buildings or whatever. decoration only lol