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  • Island hopping

    How does visiting someone else's island work? I chose the visit option but nothing happened, am I waiting for the person to approve the visit request?
    Island Tour: vkn8fgl

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    When you click on visit, you should see the map of the islands of that person. When you click on an island you can see it and give it a heart if you like it. You can also collect about 8 silver keys from their buildings.


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      Question: Hope do Yup collect the Keys from Theorie buildings?

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    Thank you! My gameplay has an awful finally came on, but after I posted the inquiry. I saw the keys but wasn't sure if I should accept them, so I left them behind. Merry Christmas!!! BTW: Did you get the email about the Christmas edition? I haven't gotten the update. Plus I don't see anyone else discussing it either on this forum or the SS facebook page. Weird!
    Island Tour: vkn8fgl


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      No I didn't get an e-mail about that.

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    Hello guys! My islands are open for tours.
    ​​​​​​I hope you'll check them out though some are still unfinished though because I was remodelling them but I hope you'll like them.

    I need more friends.
    My friend code: onpbhwh