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Ultra-rare buildings' influence areas

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  • Ultra-rare buildings' influence areas

    Hi all,

    Hoping one of you might know the answer to this question.

    If I place a standard or rare building inside the purple-throbbing influence area of an ultra-rare building, I get a bonus on that building.

    But what happens if it is not entirely inside the influence area, but sticking out a bit? Or if only one square of the building is inside the influence area? Do you still get full bonus, or only percentage bonus depending on the percentage of the building on the area, of no bonus at all?


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    You will get the full boost even if only one square of the building is inside the influence area!

    And if your building is in range of 2 ultra rare boosters it will get 100% boost, so place the ones that make the most xp and cash or give the most residents on the borders of the range of 2 boosters. Best do this with the low boosters (70-75-80%) and use the 85-90-95% boosters on seperate areas.
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      Thanks, I'm not bothered about optimising income, more wanting a pretty city, but useful to know how it works, and good to know I can add least get a healthy income by overlapping just with one square :-)