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Watch a video function not working

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  • Watch a video function not working

    When I first installed the game I was able to watch videos to open daily chest, get free keys and to speed up exchanges.
    After some time the option became grayed out and it stays grayed out. I transferred to the mobile app and videos were working there and started to work on PC again but soon stopped working.
    I have uninstalled and started from beginning again but after a week the videos stopped working again. game on mobile no longer working at all after attempting to transfer to mobile and same issue after reinstall and clearing files. It has been over a week and still no videos.

    Any idea how to fix this issue?

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    Yeah, stop hoarding!

    They set a limit to how many videos you can watch, which is saved on your device. I don't know what that limit is or if it is set to per day or per week. When you reach that limit, you won't get any more videos for a day, a week or even longer. Some people have not been able to watch videos for over a month at some times. (Something to do with cache, but when you fiddle with that you could lose your entire game progress!)

    Best thing you can do is: only watch a video to double your daily reward/quests if it gives something nice, and watch a maximum of 5 videos spread out over a day. I even watch less than 5 a day to make sure the videos will keep working. ...which doesn't always work either btw! Some times they just stop working even if you have only watched one video in a couple of days.

    Oh, and don't expect Sparkling Society to fix this, a lot of people have asked about this before and it's still like this.


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      Thank you for the response Tjerp and muffin67. That clears it up for me. I appreciate the info

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    I have emailed Sparking Society about this problem. They said that it's the problem of the advertising company who provides the videos, if they do not have ads for your area, you will not be able to view any videos.