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Ultra Rare Buildings

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  • Ultra Rare Buildings

    Hello City Island society,

    when I started to play City Island 5, I wanted to get some information about Ultra-Rare buildings. Unfortunately, I could find only few excerpts.

    That is why I decided to sum up and share information about Ultra-Rare Buildings from my own experience.

    You can find the summary in the attached file.

    P.S. If you have any questions about Ultra-Rare Buildings, feel free to ask me here.

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    That’s nice must have took quite some time to do thanks.


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      Thankyou so much for the information, but I still have a question that may seem dumb, but what is the advantages of these boosts from the rare buildings? What's it for? Thanks in advance


      • Tjerp
        Tjerp commented
        Editing a comment
        They boost the surrounding buildings up to 4 blocks away.
        They can boost up to 95%.
        So say you have a 95% boost building standing, and you put a house with 100 residents next to it, the house will get 195 residents. A building that gives 100 cash and 100 xp will be boosted to 195 cash and 195 xp.

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      Oh! Thanks so much!


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        Do you mind if you can tell me which building gives the highest amount: (I am currently level 33 have 3 ultra rares, using banks and sand resorts for keys) :
        1. Silver and golden keys?
        2. Golden coins
        3. Cash (time and profit and its cost)
        Any strategy that is going to really accelerate my progress since I am struggling to level up. Anyone with answers are most welcome thanks!


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          Barns are good


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            Originally posted by Cadaver Dog View Post
            Barns are good
            At what level you get them?


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              You could get them in a chest, if you are lucky.