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Welcome to Farm Dream!

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  • Welcome to Farm Dream!

    Hello there and welcome!

    We are very excited to show you our first farm game: Farm Dream. Over the past years, we have received a lot of requests from your guys, i.e. the Sparkling Society, to build a farm game. On 26th of December 2017 that time has come, then you can download it here:!

    With Town Village, we created a sort of hybrid between a city builder and a farm game, but with Farm Dream we feel now we really have put a new type of game out there for you. We really hope you like it and we have succeeded in fulfilling your request!

    As it is our first farm game, we most probably need to do a lot of tweaks in the beginning and add a lot of cool features in the (near) future. Now is the time for you all to help us create not only the most awesome farming game we ever built (duh..), but even the most awesome farming game ever made by human

    Share you thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the game. Everything will be appreciated, both big and small.

    Enjoy the game and let's make it even better together!

    Farm Dream: Harvest a Village - Day of Hay