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  • marketplace and marketstand

    how can i sell products on the marketplace or marketstand?
    when i select a product and price, the product doesn’t stand in the marketstand. nothing happens.

    does anyone know how it works?

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    Hi Pino77 ,

    Thanks for writing us back.

    Please note that the in order to use Marketplace you need to be connected to your GameCenter/Google Play Games depending on the operating system of your device and connected to internet/Wi-Fi.

    If you are an Android user, we request you to download and install Google Play Games from Play Store and log in.

    On iOS devices, please activate your GameCenter and then log in to it from your Apple account.

    After logging in to your PlayGames/GameCenter, the game will prompt you for setting a player name. Simply put in a unique username, and you will be able to sell items at your marketplace.

    If the issue persists, contact our Support Team at