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Not getting payouts

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  • Not getting payouts

    I'm havin a few issues,
    1, I reach my goals like, employees, shops, etc and I don't get the said payouts like gold, cash, experience.
    2, I get red money above things in my city, why do I get them and why are they lower payouts then the green?
    3, I can't play the same game on my phone and tablet. When I got the game it said you could.
    4, when I do the "free gold", I watch the videos or what I pick to get gold, but never get the gold

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    Hi there,

    Following is some useful information regarding your queries:
    1. Once you reach the goals, then you need to collect the reward by going to achievements section. It applies with the reward after watching an ad video for discovering an app.
    2. As per the design of the game, once commercial building is ready, if it occupies 100 % capacity in terms of employees, it gives full profit with green color money otherwise money is in red color that means you did not receive full profit of commercial building due to lesser employees allocated to the building.
    3. Currently the feature to synchronize the game progress across devices is not possible via game. If you have access to both (old and new) devices, then you can use 'Helium' app for Android devices to transfer the game progress or you can use 'iClould Backup and Transfer' feature to transfer the game progress between iOS devices.


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      Thank you for your reply. I know to watch the app commercial to get the gold when the camera is displayed, the the issue I have is when asked if I want free gold, I click on it where it takes me to a list of things that offer gold in return for what they are asking. I have done that on a few and never got the gold.
      As for the red money, they appear on buildings I have upgraded to all 5 levels. Some times the money is green, other times it's red, not consistent.
      Y'all should consider an upgrade on the game, it gets boring, no interaction or thins to do other than collect payments and answer the cars.
      It would be nice to have more decorations to pick from, some different style fences, sidewalks, bushes, trees, flowers (and not like the 3 you have now) maybe add animals, boats, people etc. There should be a building goal on EVERY level and more ways IN the game to earn gold.
      just some suggestions.
      Honestly, I won't spend anymore money on this game as it is, like I said, it's getting boring, not getting payouts and I hate that you don't get your reward if you miss hitting the THANK YOU on the pop ups..... Seems to pop up while I'm going along collecting profits, that's irritating!
      Thank you for your time and I hope to see some resolutions for the issues and hope to see some upgrades.


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        I understand the red payout now. Thanks
        you still have not addressed the other issues.