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  • Love this game but...

    Are you guys planning on expanding the island adding more levels...I've bought everything already...why does it take so long when I'm purchasing my 70 gold for 35 million 3 days is way too long..but can you guys add more? I tried the other city islands like this one better

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    Hi Deevirgo,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding your concern. We are glad to know that you like our game.

    We would like to inform you that product team already working on game expansion of most of the games. However, there are certain parameters which need to be attained before successfully adding them in the game.

    Regarding other feedback, where you mentioned that the conversion is taking higher from in game cash to gold, we have already forwarded this feedback to our product team. However, this time seems to be fine as earning gold is always a bit expensive and time consuming thing in real life as well :P

    For more queries regarding the game, please visit the following link


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      I agree, it takes so long and then there are not many new items to build. How many bakeries and burger places does a player want to build? I have purchsed all of the expansions and want to fill it with different buildings. However, it takes too long to get to a higher level and only a few new choices are offered. Please allow us to level up more quickly to buy new items.


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        Hi Emma Golden ,

        We have considered it as a feedback to add more content and expand the games to more islands. We have forwarded this feedback to our product team and they are working on it.

        Also, our team is working on both the aspects, i.e. developing new city building games along with improving the existing city building games by adding more content. However, expanding existing games might take some time as we need to find out ways to keep the game working efficiently and making sure no players lose the existing game progress. But we are hopeful that the team will be able to find out ways of expanding existing games soon.

        For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team.
        In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;


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          Hi there;

          I like CI3 quit a lot. Here some ideas to make it even better:

          Wiser city adviser advising about:
          • what profits are to collect on what island;
          • quick return investments;
          • long term optimal profits;
          • city beautification;
          • industrial and living areas;
          • neglected-under upgraded constructions;
          • took in consideration, way crans are building;
          • point me where to pick up gold;
          • (un)happiness of constructions;
          • …;

          Profite collector office.

          Gold mine on gold deposit.

          Crane factory and school for crane operators.

          Crane orders queueing option, ease to cancel or change.

          Sell - recycle and move (deconstruct and reconstruct elsewhere) construction options, so we can adjust city to our wishes.
          • boats on water for free.

          1x1 beautification on water.

          In shoping - costractiones menu:
          • all data - even on wrong island;
          • teleport shortcuts to write island, when considering.

          In crane menu shortcut to construction to:
          • speed up;
          • cancel;
          • suspend.

          Upgrades visible - city more beautiful.

          When arriving to island - whole settlement visible not just haven area.

          View from another direction - I can't see thru skyscrapers.

          Ad menu upgrades.

          Make menu's sortable by:
          • islands;
          • cost;
          • time to complete;
          • currency;
          • profit;

          On construction - all details visible (how many men will live or work there and how (un)happiness will it cause ) not only how much cost me to speed it up.

          To make them happy:



          Mobile phone factory

          Space program

          University to speed up constructions.

          Sound adjustment gradual - I like it but my neighbor not!

          Yours apps are installing on C: drive, mine C: is almost full.

          Choice of drive to install so I can enjoy yours other apps,

          CI3-BS is crashing a lot.

          Ad allow sending crash reports button and remove them after,

          because my drive is filling with crash reports, which I don’t understand anyway.

          Is CI4 available for Windows?

          Thanks for attention and have fun;



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            Hello Andrzej ,

            We are glad to know that you like the game. Currently, the game City Island 4 is not available on Windows.

            We have considered it as a feedback about including more contents in the game to expand the game and launch the game City Island 4 on Windows. We have forwarded your feedback to our product team and they will surely look into this for the future updates .

            For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team.
            In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;


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              conny57 kann kein Gold und geld kaufen.In Microsoft store zeigt an das ich das spiel besitze. Habe es doch nicht gekauft. In anderen Apps kann ich Einkaufen. Nur In Paradise City Island Sim und City Island3 für Windows klappt das nicht.