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problems in my game (Towncity village building sim paradise)

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  • problems in my game (Towncity village building sim paradise)

    There is nobody to help or fix my problem.
    I send emails and try everything.
    Many bugs in the game, and when I remove the game, I have to start over again.
    I`m in level 50.
    Watching video`s is not working.
    Please give me a awnser, otherwise its over and out.
    Name : Andre1972 and my player code : TCw-i9med

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    I understand how frustrated you are right now. I love this game but I am unable to move any of the buildings. Do you also have that problem?


    • Andre1972
      Andre1972 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, but today I open the game, and i have 350 gold and 2 Miljard of money.
      I think, the gamemaker give me that fot the problems.
      Yesterday it whas 3 gold and 1 miljon money.
      It whas a big surprise, or a big bug.

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      Hi Andre1972 Starbie ,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

      We request you to please send details of what it is along with a screenshot, to our support team at
      Or, so that they can assess and help you in the best way possible


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        I installed a Android simulation on the same laptop, and installed the game.
        And there the buttons for video`s is working.
        There is something wrong in my game whith playercode : TCw-i9med
        I have a screenshot.
        The new game on the same laptop in a Android simulations works well.
        The second screenshot is out of the playstore from Windows 10, the first one comes out of the Android simulation on the same machine and IP adress.


        • NicciHol1972
          NicciHol1972 commented
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          Excuse me,
          I have the same problem
          could you clear it up

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        Its grazy,
        I stop playing all this crapp, on Android only ads when I`m playing.
        I dont care when there are ads in the beginning or the end of the game, but not when I`m playing.
        Thats a totaly mistake in all the games.
        It whas nice in Windows 10, but not working Video`s anymore.
        release here, release there, make first one game good working please.
        I going to look for a new game, a normal game, and not whith a tonssssssssssss of ads.


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          I don't understand about my friend code.I type in "present to" but can't reach,always fail


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            Originally posted by Megayana View Post
            I don't understand about my friend code.I type in "present to" but can't reach,always fail

            i think you have a problem


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              Hello Megayana ,

              If you have a friend who also plays the same game and you know the friendcode of his game account, then you can use it to redeem and get some in-game currencies as a gift.

              Also, the friendcode of your device game account could not be redeemed in the same device game account.

              For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;