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    I have been playing for several weeks now but the 2 icons with the tv on them in the bottom right corner are have never been available. I have cleared my cache and cookies bu no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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      Town City.....played a few months ago. Had 3 Islands open. Played and earned Valentine statue. Then everything disappeared. Had to start from the beginning. Now, no longer able to increase speed or profits (2X). No longer able to earn gold coins, even thru watching ads. And revenue/cost ratios are now completely ridiculous. What happened?!?! Playing 2.2.4. Do I need an update? How do I do that? I'm affaid if I uninstall/reinstall, I'll lose what little progress I have made. Is this the way the game is staying? If so, I'll move on because this is no longer a game and more like a chore. Progress is impossible without spends real which case....this game isn't "free to play". I'm a patient person but this? I don't think so. Needs to be more like City Island 3 or 5.


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        I hate the ad that start my internet brwoser and just bug... It's like a virus on your computer... No reward, waste of time and lost of trust in the game!
        Please delete this ad!
        It's giving nothing good and it's just a pain in the *#$ for everyone!


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          After doing the new update my game keeps crashing.


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            I have just started playing, I can not scroll right to access more buildings which I know are there. There is a little arrow which pulses but it won’t let me click on it

            many thanks