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Need help for move the houses

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  • Need help for move the houses

    Hello @ all,

    today I found and started this very nice game but I need help and can´t find something in the game for "move the Houses".
    To make street and ways I found it.

    When I click on a house, only the number of inhabitants comes, but I can not move it.

    Theres nothing with helpsides or information how I have to made step by step to learn the game.

    Hope you understand me, my english not so good.

    ​​​​​​​Nice greetings from Germany!

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    Right click you mouse but hold the button down when you want to move a house
    I love to help people.


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      oh sorry left click the mouse and hold the mouse button down and the house will lift off the ground then you can move it
      I love to help people.


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        Hallo Savanna, ich spiele Town Village schon lange, auf Tablet, ich liebe es! Tippe auf das Gebäude und halte den Finger eine Sekunde lang darauf. Das Gebäude erhebt sich und du kannst es verschieben. Um es wieder abzusetzen, auf den grünen Pfeil unten rechts tippen. Viel Spass! Petra