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Having to start over and over and....about thT-lf5

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  • Having to start over and over and....about thT-lf5

    Dear Sparkling society,
    I love TownVillage!
    I hate how it keeps resetting to the beginning.
    It has crashed and reset to the beginning three times now. Each time it happened I had reached Level 42.
    The first time, through customer service, I was reimbursed for my in game purchases.
    The second time (October 9th), after writing to customer service about the crash and wondering if again I could be reimbursed for my purchases, I was given the response of,
    "Hello Brenda,

    Thank you for writing us back.

    We wish you keep playing and enjoying the game"
    I can't believe I got this response.
    ​​​​​​I rewrote them including the link to all previous messages, and as of this morning I haven't heard anything back.
    To top things off, this morning when I opened up my game. EVERYTHING has been rearranged on the island. Nothing is in the right place, including land plots I had purchased and/or unlocked. It looks like everything is there except it is all in a jumble. PLUS, my diamonds have all disappeared except for 6. I was up to either 39 or 42, I can't remember which. My money is a different number too.
    I am fed up! This is an awesome game, except for lack of proper customer service and the game crashing/resetting.
    Back in May of 2017, you told someone else here on the forum that you were developing a cloud feature for this game, but as of now it hasn't happened.
    Here are links to my conversations. I think it has everything, except the last conversation, where I asked about their lack of help.
    Can you help? My game is # is T-lf52p
    Hoping for some help.

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    Sorry, the links didn't post. Here they are...

    > Links:
    > ------
    > [1]
    >[email protected]
    > [2]


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      About the thread.title...
      I don't know what the about thT-lf5

      is or how it got there.