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  • Customising Townville

    Hi, I have very much enjoyed playing Townville so far but have run across some issues.

    I have no ability to log in to the game.... not sure if this is correct - all other Sparkling games I play I login as a player and can see a leaderboard.... is this something I'm missing, or is it yet to come or will it not be a feature of Townville?

    Can I suggest a few changes:
    1 - make it possible to ditch/scrap/cancel an order for a house or garage - currently the order remains in place until you satisfy it. If you do not it clogs the screen forever.
    2 - increase the payout for orders delivered, its very difficult to maintain progress with limited coins/diamonds and many players will not be able to afford the expense of buying diamonds/coin tokens for real money.
    3 - have a diamond icon appear walking/driving the streets the same way cash icons do so we can collect diamonds that way too.
    4 - some orders appear for items not available for several future levels. This is of-putting for players if you can't satisfy an order for a significant period of time.
    5 - put a 'magic can' in place that gives the 'finder' a bonus of coins/diamonds or hard to source goods.

    hope you can make some of the changes suggested, still enjoying the game, keep up thew good work!

    townville - T-h843j
    PCI - PC-10j6p
    CI3 - 3-28ge65
    CIArpt2 - E-j3c9i
    CI Arpt Asia - Z-ao064
    CI4 - SD-ee6cf

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    Hello Herb!

    Thanks a lot for playing and for taking the time to share your feedback. As you might know, Townville just launched very recently, so not all features and content are in the game yet. We do have a lot of wonderful plans for leaderboards and even more community interaction. We hope to add as many of those ideas to the game as we can. In the meantime - if you have any of your own, do let us know!

    As for the changes you suggested:
    1 - We experimented with discarding orders, and truth be told had mixed results. There is a good chance the current setup will remain in place for now, and maybe we'll revisit alternatives in the future.
    2 - Did you already come across the Market building? You'll probably find it a good source for Coins, next to money coming from orders. All of the currencies in the game, including Coins and Gems, are found at various places, so have fun looking for them!
    3 - That's certainly an idea, although Gems will probably always stay fairly rare and valuable.
    4 - That is by design - it represents a demand from your citizens for the latest products. Sometimes you'll have to put in a little effort to get there!
    5 - There's is a very good chance we'll keep on adding ways to find and collect goods, including Coins and Gems!

    Thanks again for playing! We'll do our best to make it the best game we can!

    Townville Producer