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lost all my progress

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  • lost all my progress

    I have been playing for few days and reached around level 30. I play several times a day my friendcode is T-3190d. I just opened townville like always and I lost all my progress. It started me back at beginning. I tried closing and reopening several times and it is still the same. Is there anyway to recover my progress or does anyone know what might have caused this?

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    Hello John,

    I'm very sorry to hear that. Did you do anything special when you opened up the game that time? Maybe you ran out of memory / diskspace on your device? When you say 'It started me back at the beginning', do you mean you started at level 1 and were shown the tutorial again?

    Please provide us with as many information as possible so that we may examine your situation. Thank you!

    Producer, Townville


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      Thank you for your response. There was nothing different I did logging into the game. I had been playing for a few days and logging in several times a day. My phone has over 7 gigs of unused memory. Yes it started from the very beginning with the tutorials. I play another game on my phone Jurassic world and that has remained the same. I don't anything different on my phone, everything functions the same. I was around level 30 when it reset. My friend code is T-3190d. I tried resetting my phone and made several attempts every few hours to log back in, but it was still the very beginning with the tutorials.
      Thanks for your time


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        John, I'm very sorry to hear that. We'll have to look into the matter. As a matter of fact, we are working on a feature that will save your city to the cloud, ensuring you will not lose it in case of resets or moving to a new device.

        If anything comes out of our research, I'll let you know.


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          okay thank you