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Community Building Can Not Be Unlocked

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  • Community Building Can Not Be Unlocked

    I built a new community building overnight in my city. This morning, the little lock icon is showing for me to gather the needed goods to make it functional, but when I click the lock to find out what the requirements are, it does not respond. I did build this new building on the very edge of an unlocked parcel of land, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. I am also not certain if I hung up the game momentarily collecting all the completed goods from factory buildings at the same time (the game did lock up for about a second).

    Also, will we have the ability to delete buildings? Space seems like it will be very limited, so I was thinking that later on down the game, I might like to delete some of the low-population houses and replace them with houses that add more people. I understand that the producing buildings have a minimum population level before we can build them, but you could just make those buildings fall into disrepair (gray them out) until the necessary population level is met again.

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    I am having the same problem. Level 16 - 2 bldgs with lock. When I click on it it does not respond.


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      Heard from Sparking Society. They said to make windows, doors etc and this will unlock the building. However, when I click on the lock it does not tell me what items I need. In my warehouse I have 1 door & 5 windows. I am frustrated. Have you had any success?


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        Hello Chantel and Barbara,

        We are aware of the unresponding 'complete building' window and in the meantime have submitted a fix to both Google Play Store and the App Store. Hopefully the fix will be available to you both soon. Apologies for the situation!

        As for removing buildings: as you might know already, you may expand the size of your building area by building expansions. We'll be making a few adjustments to their cost soon, or rather, tweak the output of your Distribution Center garages. Thank you for your patience and for your continued support! Enjoy the game!


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          Only my distribution centre is locked how do I fix this?

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        So, we will not get the option to delete old houses to replace with new houses. I have five garages right now and 15 locked expansions that I have purchased, but can't get the needed materials to unlock them. We should at least have the option to delete or sell back decor. It's fine to plant a tree in a plot, but once you rearrange buildings as you additional expansions are opened, that tree might need to be sacrificed for space.

        Thank you for your reply, lest this post seem too negative. I do appreciate that you address specific issues raised.


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          You replied that a fix was sent to google & the App Store. When will this problem be fixed? Checked again multiple times today. Still can't get lock button on community buildings to respond. This keeps me from progressing in game. Please fix asap. Are other players experiencing this?
          Thank you !


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            Hello Chantel! Thank you for raising that concern. As I mentioned before, we would rather address a possible issue with the distribution of construction goods to complete expansions, as opposed to adding an option to delete buildings and / or decorations. We're always open to ideas however, and we do take suggestions like yours into consideration. We'll do our best to make Townville the most fun it can be!

            So practically speaking, I believe we'll work on improving the way construction goods work through your distribution center and garages first, and then examine how that will influence the rest of the game. Thank you for your patience!


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              Hello Barbara, I apologise for the delay. We did submit the fix to both the Play Store and the App Store, so hopefully the update will be available any day now. Thank you for understanding!