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  • 1 account multiple devices

    Hello there ^^,

    Is there a possibility where i can use multiple devices for 1 account/ profile
    I have now my tablet but having it on my phone would be awesome
    The point is i used the login section, the profile did boot up but the town did not load
    Evenly after several reboots(including tablet reboot), it still did not load
    Can you guys please fix this.?

    Game: Tropic Town Island bay 2
    Ingame name: Crownax

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    Currently we do not support this. We are working on this feature, but there are a few drawbacks. At this moment we feel that the fact that our games can always be played, even when you are offline, in an airplane, etc more important than supporting the feature of having muliple devices on a single account. We are looking at supporting the latter without sacrificing the first, but this is in progress and not an easy task.
    Sorry that i am not able to help you any further at this point. Still hope you enjoy the game.


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      Hi Crownax,

      Currently the feature to sync the game progress across devices is not possible via game.

      However, as you are using Android devices, you can try using some file transfer apps like ‘Helium’ etc. to transfer the game progress from one Android device to another.


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        I do have a similar problem as have two devices and sometimes wanna play on phone and sometimes on tablet and would lime to see the progress i made on one device on the other as well.
        Can someone give me some hints on how to do that as i tried doing app backup on one device and then transfer that backup to another device and restore it there but it doesn't work lime that as it just shows the last state of game when the app was launched there.
        I do have like lvl 15 on tablet and it shows tutorial on phone for me.