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    I just started playing and have no money left or gold left. Is there an easier faster way to get more money fast do I need to upgrade all buildings to level 10?

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    Hi swervy123 ,

    We would like to inform you that you can earn free in-game currencies cash/gold/diamonds, and it is not mandatory to purchase in-game currencies. Also, in order to progress ahead in the game, you need to achieve higher levels, of course, however, it is not mandatory to reach a higher level to earn more free in-game currencies.

    As you achieve a higher level, if you earn more free in-game currencies, so the game becomes more challenging as well.

    There are following ways by which you can earn free in-game currencies:
    - Build more commercial buildings as much as you can, fill all the jobs, which will give you more cash/XP points.

    - You can also earn free in-game gold/diamonds by watching Advertising Videos, which can be collected from the Discover App menu.

    - And there is a Weekly Giftcode which is provided on our Official Facebook Page. Simply enter the Giftcode in gift section, to collect more in-game currency. You can also enter your friends, relative’s friendcode to get more in-game currencies. Unfortunately, the giftcode which is provided on Facebook can only be redeemed on Android devices.