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Item deletion issue.

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  • Item deletion issue.

    Being a new player I am, of course, likely to make mistakes - especially when the buildings take up more space so selection of small items is difficult. I accidently started to delete a Level 10 Spa but was very pleased to discover I could stop the uninstall. However, since then the Spa shows it is Level 10 but with no content at all. How do I restore it to operation please?

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    Hi MikeCL ,

    Ideally, once you complete the update of any commercial building to level 10, it will be set to its highest happiness points as level 10 is the highest level available for buildings in the game.

    We request you to please send details of what it is along with a screenshot, to our support team at, so that they can assess and help you in the best way possible.


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      Hi MikeCL,

      Hopefully you have figured your problem but just in case.....i had the same problem a couple times, most of the time i would just upgrade it and it seemed to resolve its self. However on the ones where that wasnt an option i relocated it on the island over and over and over and eventually employees filled up and cash started flowing.