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Tropical Paradise isn't showing videos anymore

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  • Tropical Paradise isn't showing videos anymore

    Something isn't right I don't know if this is correct version for Windows 10. If I look at your Sparking Society page it says 1.3.3 might be for Andriod tho.I have 1.2.1 and it's not any possibility to update it at all, I try so many ways. Don't like to reinstall the game I have worked too hard to get there.

    But a few days ago I have not gotten any more Videos, my bank and the rest Buildings that can have that never show the video Icon anymore. No Icon to left also, I'm stuck on 131 Videos and it's not coming anymore for 3 days now.

    I also play Paradise City Island and there I have videos to see ads and get my gold bar.

    I try to see if its some settings but both games have just the same in my windows. I try to play both at the same time, still videos on one and not the next game that's so similar. So it's not based on the time the ads are shown. Try to be online over 10 hours 2 days ago nothing.

    It's hard at it is to get gold without that, I bought some, but I'm not made of Money, cant buy more. So I want Buildings that only cost golds, but it's not possible to get without any gold. Like a few times, I might get a gold bar from the ship port, but it's really rare.

    Is my game version correct 1.2.1 if not how can I update or reinstall without losing my levels in the game. I did that on level 48 when I reinstalled my windows, that wasn't fun, especially when you bought a lot of gold to the game. I don't know what to do anymore plz help me.

    I typed to the support yesterday morning, but they haven't replied and it's frustrating, cause I like this game better than Paradise City Island. I love the music and graphic is nicer I think. I want this game to work, and I don't want to reinstall it and start over again. I'm almost 54 and I have spent hours in the game for over 2 weeks now.

    Any tip you might have is helpful.

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    Cant delete post, but its not necessary to answer anymore, problem is fixed with a new windows


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    hi there i have the same problem ;( what exactly did you do to fix this tryed restarting the game and all but nothing works