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Tropical Paradise vs Paradise City Island Sim

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  • Tropical Paradise vs Paradise City Island Sim

    Dear city building fan!

    There is a "tiny peak behind the scenes" we would like to share with you.
    As you may know, we always listen closely to what our players would like to have in any of our games. This has resulted in a lot of cool features so far already. However, over the past years, many people have asked us to change the "collecting profits" system in our games in such way that "you can collect almost all the time" or "don't have to wait until you can collect". Since this is the basics of these games, we found this request really challenging. However, since the requests just kept coming, we sat down with each other and thought of a solution that (1) does not change the game for current players completely and (2) adapts the collecting mechanism in the way our fans would love to see.

    The solution that we have come up with is called ***Tropical Paradise*** and can be downloaded NOW. Since it is impossible to adapt it in a live game without destroying anything, we decided to create an extra game around this new collection mechanism. However it is extremely expensive and time consuming to have all the buildings created, we decided to re-use the buildings from ***Paradise City Island Sim***. The result is that you all can choose for yourself which one you like better: (a) Tropical Paradise or (b) Paradise City Island Sim. Let's see in the comments what type of collection mechanism you like best! Thanks for sharing your thoughts again! Let's make the best possible city building game together

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      IF it were to do as you said, If there were such a change and or benefit of collecting money it may be a good thing. The fact is, there IS no "non wait time to collect" We have to wait to collect the rent just like on Paradise Island! This Tropical Paradise is actually WORSE because I just noticed something. It is VERY difficult to get to any net money goals one may set for themselves. For example before I buy another land plot I set a money goal of 1 million. With ALL the upgrades and 2x's the income perks I have invested my time and money into, the investment s SHOULD have paid off by now! I noticed they have not because I am NOT getting all of the rent money! NO the bills are not red. The businesses have 100% employee hires in the businesses, so WHY is it that when rent time comes I receive $145 for a business that has 100% employed hires that has been upgraded at least 5 times and I SHOULD receive more like $850??? It is not just ONE business that does this either! It is a few of them!! So, instead of this being a "let's compare" situation... It looks MORE like Sparkling Society had a "Bad Brains" moment. "Bad Brains" in case anyone is wondering is a Punk band who made music, they released "New albums" and what was on them was ALL the old songs from the album before. Every album they released NEVER had any NEW songs. That is a De'Ja'Vu feeling I get here with this "Tropical Paradise" except the new version is actually WORSE, as it seems to be a malfunctioning version of its predecessor. Sad.