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Загрузка островов участников игры.

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  • Загрузка островов участников игры.

    После входа в систему в игре ,перестали загружаться острова участников рейтинга. Почему? Можно исправить?

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    Hi Olga,

    It seems you are facing issues in accessing the Island of the members present in the Leaderboards section.

    If this is the case, then we would like to inform you that Leaderboards may contain few players in front of which 'Visit' button will appear as 'Dark Blue'. All these users are suspected cheaters; hence you won't be able to visit the city of these players.

    Apart from that, the other members in Leaderboards, whose 'Visit' button is appearing in light blue colour, you can visit the city and Island of those players.

    If this was not the issue you were experiencing, we would request you to please contact our support team with supporting screenshots regarding the concern so that they can further investigate and can assist you properly.

    In order to contact our correct support team we request you to visit the following link