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[TUTORIAL] - City Island 2 train problems

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  • [TUTORIAL] - City Island 2 train problems

    Hey guys, I'm the new intern at Sparkling society, and i noticed some people where having struggles to get their trains working.
    So i made a video about setting up a train station to get you guys going

    hope it helps!

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    I have a train station and rails but no train,will check this out
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    • Marleen
      Marleen commented
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      did you find out what was wrong?

    • mitch01
      mitch01 commented
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      nope, still no train

    • Cathy Bruce
      Cathy Bruce commented
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      Have the same problem. Was going fine till got on the game and no train. I even went so far as to add another train station but still no train.

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    I too am having train issues, I accidentally uninstalled the game after I made it to level 42 and trains worked fine and then i lost everything, I reinstalled now I'm having to start over and now trains are not working at all and my tracks and stations are fine. How do we fix this?


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      So a problem that was posted last year is still happening. My train was running fine for days but then just vanished when i logged in and hasnt come back. I removed my track and replaced it and even added another station but still nothing


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        I had this problem as well . Removed the train then put it back in but still didn't work . Then my iPad had an issue and was all rebooted . I lost my city (that covered the whole entire playing area!!) and started all over . I put the train in the new city and it worked fine for a while but stopped working again . I finally just erased the train off the grid and never tried it again .


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          Just got started playing the game video helped with the train