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Great job finishing me off on your games, Good Bye I'm done with you

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  • Great job finishing me off on your games, Good Bye I'm done with you

    Today,s patch for City Island 2 screwed up my game on my iPhone 10 just like you did in Tropic Island and City Island 3. I cant scroll in and just when I started enjoying this one you blew it away too.
    What is wrong with your developers? I reported this to you guys back in September with Tropic Island. Then you screwed up City Island 3 with it. Now City Island 2. Im done with you now and your lack of concern on fixing this issue to make these games playable again.

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    Hi Ghosstrecon,

    I am really sorry to hear about your problem. I guarantee you there is nothing wrong with our developers, but in a market with a huge number of devices and operating systems we sometimes miss certain problems or we find them hard to reproduce or to even understand. In some cases your concern never even makes it all the way to our desk. In which case we are not even aware of the problem.

    Please bear with us. In fact, you can be very helpful in helping us solve your problem. We have many players on iPhone devices and we are unsure of how many people have this problem, but if we can fix this just for you, there is no reason why we wouldn't.

    To help us, please send us screenshots of the problem you are encountering. If the problem is with zooming in and out you may even send us a short video (screen-capture) of the actual problem. Also we would like to know your friendcode. These together will help us to identify the problem, which is the first step to fixing it.
    We are and always have been very determined to deliver a problem-free experience for all our users.

    Should you be willing to help us with this, please find out support email on this page and send it through.


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      This is a display problem where they were working fine in iPhone 10 then you update and it’s breaking them where you can’t scroll in making the game unplayable. It’s happening to all iPhone 10 and most iPhone 8.
      It works in Samsung galaxy 8. I have uploaded many screenshots on this. You have now broken Tropic town, City Island 3 and now City island 2 so now I have nothing else to play in this game type. Why aren’t you guys looking into this?