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Nothing new to build in the city....

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  • Nothing new to build in the city....

    It is very difficult to get to a higher level. When I get to a higher level, there are very few new items to build. At that point, I usually quit playing as there are not enough new things to build. Why don’t we have more choices?

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    Hi Emma Golden ,

    As per the game design, the buildings are available for either gold or cash.

    When you progress ahead in the game and reach next level, you will find that the buildings, which you have constructed earlier using ‘Gold’ can be constructed again using in-game ‘Cash’ or it could be built on different soils which you can see in the background of the building depending on your level.

    For Example: If you have unlocked ‘Farm’ at level 20, which can be, construct using ‘Gold’. Once, you move ahead in XP levels and found another instance of ‘Farm’ has unlocked, then the 2nd instance can be constructed using in-game ‘Cash’ instead of ‘Gold’ or you will be able to build the 2nd instance of ‘farm’ on different soils (such as snowy floor, sand, grass, etc.).

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