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  • Windows 10 Backup

    I'm trying to figure out how to backup my game on a windows 10 device. Any suggestions of what files are required to carry my current game forward after a reinstall?

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    Same problem myself. I even copied it to a Flash Drive, but that only gave me a quick-link to the original. Most annoying.

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      I'm lucky I have a small drive C so I can back up my Windows , Apps and Data using Clonezilla to my drive D.

      What you can do is to make a small partition on your drive (or use a different drive) and move the data to that drive. You'll see a new folder from the root, your data is in there.

      You can't access it though under Windows - you don't have the permissions.

      But if you boot Linux from a USB drive, you can copy the folder off to somewhere else.

      I've never restored this way - but I've never had to.

      Good Luck.