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How often is Gold & Currencie Pack 200% discount offered ?

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  • How often is Gold & Currencie Pack 200% discount offered ?

    How often is the Gold & Currencie Pack 200% discount offered, in the game ? For instance, times (a week, day, hours, etc). This is the second time, that I have started playing City Island 3, and I lost a lot of currencie, that I purchased, due to not knowing how to save my current game, to a backup, after I had to do some recovery on my laptop, at that time. I am playing on a Windows 10 laptop, and the app I am now playing on, again, is thru, Microsoft store. I really like the game, however, I feel like it is getting more expensive to play, for me. I have bought both gold & curriency at regular price, however, I do not see the 200%, being offered, a lot.

    And then there are times, right after, I have purchased, for full price, then, the offer, for 200%, is put up, (I feel jerked, around, when this happens).
    I cannot spend all of my money, on one game, all the time, and I don't think, that I am, the only one, who feels this way, it just does not make since. I guess, I will not be playing for very much longer, if this keeps up.

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