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  • New Design CI3???

    I am happy that I recently decided to stop playing until I reached 100,000 people. Now I have 99,600 inhabitants and need just a few more ...

    I really don't like the new design: before the game looked serious for adult players, now it is colourful, with many fast flying items. I really dislike the money collection. There is so much trouble on the screen. I miss the colouring of the level indicator; it was very easy to have different colours for different levels, now every one is just white.

    Nevertheless I liked playing CI3 for more than two years but now it is over.

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    The bottom line is: I don't like it. The new design looks less like the game is for adult players. The user interface design is not consistent with the detail of the building and island design. Removing the colors for building levels makes it more difficult to distinguish one level from another. Furthermore, I will never understand why you decided to make the interface buttons larger and to eat up more screen real estate.

    Bells and whistles like the flying dollar bills seem silly. The floating city advisor is totally unnecessary or at least overused, since the Happiness button is an adequate indication of the consequence of underpopulated employees. Have you totally removed the floating Stars button. If so, imo, a poor decision.

    Of all the buttons on the screen the only ones i use regularly are the island change button and the awards button. The remainder of the buttons should be in a pop-up panels. One for build mode - with the cart, roads, bulldozer, level view, city advisor and the spaces used buttons. The daily awards buttons should disappear once the user has achieved them.

    The Sparkling Society Button could be in the settings panel. The Levels, Gold, $$$, Happiness, Population and Job info buttons could be smaller. reward for maximizing to level 20????

    Finally, I would prefer you used your design resources to add more choices in buildings especially parks and decorations. There also seem to be several types of buildings that are nonexistent (grocery stores, supermarkets as one example).