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    City Island 3 Rewards Board

    Please explain the reward board process in awarding points, gold, and other awards to the game’s player(s).
    Quest Reward Remarks
    Complete all daily quest 5 times. One gold nugget
    Four thousand citizens. $300,000.00
    Three thousand five hundred employees. $300,000.00
    Speed up the fifty times 10,000 stars
    Buy seventy expansions for your city. $300,000.00
    Max 50 upgrades to level 10. 10,000 stars
    Unlock six Islands. 30 gold nuggets
    Unlock all Islands 100 gold nuggets
    Build five facilities with gold. 3 gold nuggets
    1. How does the stars benefit the player?
    2. How do you obtain the rewards listed above? (I have completed each of the quest and have yet to receive any compensation or rewards!
    3. Why are there so much space not accessible to the players?