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  • Best way to earn more gold

    Who has the best strategies on how to earn the most gold in City Island 3? Share yours! 😎

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    To earn gold on the daily upgrades you can build and afterwards destroy it again) the cheapest house (€ 3000) or more as required in the daily tasks and upgrade it to level 10. The same "system" you can use for building "houses". The swimming pool or the rock (both € 2000) are counting as a building or a installation. Already mentioned to the direction. In my game the video app was marvelous since 1 on 20 videoclips was really shown. My daily score on gold was around 10x gold.
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    See you at the islands !

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      On the top left of the screen there is a video icon. Every time this icon is visible, it means you can earn 1 gold for watching a video. If you click it every time it is visible, you can earn up to 20 gold each day!