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  • Running out of Gold

    How does one procure more gold without reaching in my real wallet to buy it? I keep wanting to build but the game makes me spend gold instead of cash on houses, buildings, etc and I'm out of gold but have 5 Mil in the bank. Help!

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    Hi Great,

    Unfortunately, the feature which will allow users to convert in-game cash to gold is only available in City Island 1 & 2.

    However, we have considered it as a feedback and will forward it to our product team and they will surely look into this for a future update.

    For more queries, we request you to contact our Support Team. In order to contact our correct support team we request you to visit the following link


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      Sparkling Support. That really doesn't answer my question. Although converting cash to gold would be very convenient, and I would welcome it. However, I'm just asking how else I may procure gold without having to purchase it. I can earn money but I can't build without gold.


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        What is sad, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game buying gold...sure I have built my cities up, but you offer NO reward for those of us who line your pockets. How about some incentive to keep playing your game...I’m tired of spending real cash....and getting really nothing in return.


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          Amen to that ^^^^


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            Sooooo I guess they don't need to respond after they gave me a b.s. answer the first time. Are you done? Just going to take my money and run? Good bye sparkling society. I'll never play one of your games again.


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              Hi Great Googly Moogly ,

              We were just trying to inform you regarding the difference of conversion options between the games City Island 1/2 and City island 3.

              We would like to inform you that a player can procure more gold with the help of different achievements available in the game. There are rewards for which you can earn more gold.

              Also, you can earn gold by watching ad videos in the discover app section. There are Free Weekly gift codes provided to all our players which you can redeem and get more gold.

              Hence, we request you contact our support team regarding your concern and give us one more chance to help you. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link


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                Hi AUTiger93x ,

                The option to have an incentive for all our valued players sounds interesting. This is why there is a Giftcode section in our games through which you can earn more free in-game currencies.

                Also, our Support team values all our valued players and helps them in such cases where players are stuck. Hence, we request you to contact our Support Team along with all the details so that they can help you in best way possible.

                In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link


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                  The ad videos You mention, is not coming. How do You get them? The email adress for City Island 3 does not work.


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                    How do You get the free giftcodes?