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    Do you have an idea for improving the game, adding a new feature or building, etc.? Post it here
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    I may not like what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.
    - Voltaire

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    Wünschenswertes Update:
    *Gebäude von einer Insel zur anderen verschieben!
    *Die Insel anderer Spieler ansehen!

    Unfortunately my english is not that good!

    Desirable update:
    * Move buildings from one island to another!
    * See the island of other players!


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      Hello Andreas.9020 ,

      We would like to inform you that you currently, there is no option to visit/view other players city from the leaderboards section. We have considered it as a feedback that the city should be 'visit'able. Also, it would be great to have an option to move the buildings from one island to another, it is indeed a nice feedback. We have forwarded this feedback to our product team and they will surely think about it for a future update.

      For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;


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        Okay, I've been playing CI4 on Mac for a while (Level 78, currently) and generally enjoy it. I experience one recurring BUG which no one seems to want to admit to but other than that it's fun. I've a few suggestions/wishes for the next version though. Anyone else have a couple? I'll bet you do!

        1) Make the "hot spot" around each menu item *smaller*! It's really annoying to accidentally click "Construction" when I'm trying to harvest profit from a Hotel near the top of Snowy Slopes, or get "Click items to destroy" when trying to check on an Oil Platform. Happens all the time, over and over.

        2) Let us look at items to build from the shopping list that can't necessarily be built on that island. Right now, if I want to remind myself of the benefits of building a University, say, when I'm on Mosquito Mangroves, it won't show the info: I just get the "You can't build this here because this island doesn't have the right terrain... (sic)" error box. I *know* that, I just want to inspect the properties of that facility so I can make up my mind how to spend my meager hoard of gold! Instead of the error dialog, why not just grey-out (disable) the two "Build" buttons, like when you don't have enough construction workers available?

        3) Make SOME way of converting game cash to game gold. Please! Yes, I know you're in the business of enticing us to spend money: I get that and it's standard practice in the industry. It really slows the game down past level 60-ish though. Even at 10,000,000 to 1 it would be worth it and it would keep people play longer, I'll bet. Right now, I've run out of extensions to buy, so there's no way at all. "Buy one Gold for 10,000,000 Cash?" You betcha! At this level, game cash is almost worthless, except for upgrades.

        4) Please, move the Map navigation icon for switching islands to the far left of the menu, in place of the Shopping Cart! It's the function that's most different from the others. Personally, I instinctively reach for the Store next to the Build Road icon, not the far left as it is now. I constantly click on Navigation when I want the Store, and vice verse.

        5) Moving buildings around is really slow, especially once space becomes really tight. It would be nice to have some sort of "warehouse" sandbox feature to hold a building or boost until you can clear a place for it. I've seen that in other, similar games and it's hugely convenient.

        6) have at least one or two buildings that can be built on more-than-one type of terrain. Only a Boost can be as it stands. This makes the edges between terrain types really difficult to use.

        End of rant. Anyone else have some ideas?


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          Hello Ornot ,

          If you are facing any issue in the game, or suspect any bug in the game, we request you to please make screenshots of it, and report it to our Support team along with the friendcode of your game account.

          Regarding your 1st feedback, the idea of a 'Hotspot' for the scattered menu buttons on the game screen is a nice feedback. Your 2nd feedback is also very nice that the 2 build buttons should be greyed out if the terrain is incompatible.

          The option to convert in-game cash to Gold, having a Warehouse to store the buildings instead of destroying them and to have atleast one or two buildings in the game which could be built on any terrain sounds interesting too.

          Those are great feedback indeed and we have considered them as feedback. We have forwarded it to our product team and they will surely think about it for a future update.

          For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;


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            Hello, I am a new comer in this game and this forum. I have only played this game yesterday, and so far I am greatly enjoying it.
            I read one of the forum memebers made a wish list, and his/her first wish list is a must. lol
            Anyway... I also wanted to add my own wish list. I hope it's not too much a trouble.

            A bank to keep the monies recieved by towns people. It's a shame I can't be on the game for too long, but since the towns people are very generous giving me up to $300+, I wish there was a place to send their money there, have it accumulate, and I can collect it later on when I get back. and while at it, the profits dont seem to rise up. The farm animal profist to $1,044 every 50 secs. I only wish it gathers more as time goes by, like in over night it would still be collecting profits.

            Some upgrades, as a begginer, are hard to do because they are expensive. Balancing the happines > population > making more jobs...they are quite torubling when I get at a low budget for them.

            This connects to the other memembers "wish list", the FB button should be move, I keep tapping on them when I move or remove things.
            Or maybe have a "hide" button for those bubble buttons, as while as on the left-side screen.

            Thank you very much for this game. I hope to see it grow even bigger. ^^
            btw how do you save game?


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              Hello .Owl. ,

              The idea to have the bank in the game which will automatically collect all your profits even if the game is not active sounds interesting. Also, we have considered it as feedback that the Facebook icon should be moved from the bottom right corner of the game.

              We have forwarded this feedback to our product team and they will surely look into this for the future updates .

              For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;
              [email protected]
              [email protected]
              [email protected].


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                I love the game!

                * Other island visits would be great!
                * And a chat function!
                * Houses to camps is good too!


                Ich liebe das Spiel!

                *Andere Insel Besuchen wäre super!
                *Und eine Chat Funktion!
                *Häuser zu Lagern ist auch gut!


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                  Ich liebe dieses Speil !
                  I love this game!
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                    I have really enjoyed City Island 4 - couple of suggestions - smaller icons around the frame so they don't interfere with the overall view - need a wider variety of boosts, houses, community buildings and businesses for the various Islands - also wondered why there are no people on Mosquito Mangroves - I have loaded houses, hotels, everything and nothing indicates a driver to initiate people?? Am I doing something wrong?


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                      I think it would be cool if we could click on the citizens and get other things besides gold and cash or interact with them somehow like get their suggestions for what they want in the city.

                      By the way how about things like shopping malls, market square (like strip malls) hmm supermarkets, bakeries, smaller businesses, accounting offices, banks such like that and also amusement parks, water slides, train stations, transit stations, things you would normally see in a city or large town. Factories, breweries, dental and doctor offices, etc. Tax office, a prison, etc..

                      Things where maybe we have to send citizens to run errands too.. Like this person runs this business, send them to the bank to deposit their daily sales.

                      Or this person is sick send them to the doctor or hospital, this person wants to adopt a pet send them to the animal shelter.
                      And give us something to help us increase our cash, gold or help us level up with that.

                      I know City Island 5 has those and more but since the game keeps crashing I deleted it and will only play this one.

                      Hmm things like universities oh gosh.. City Island 4 could really use those.

                      Maybe more different styles of housing, and different kinds of apartments etc. Many are nice and neat looking but it would be nice to have more variety.

                      Maybe as they upgrade then perhaps the buildings change a bit in look with added features..

                      It would be nice to add other boosts aside from parks and trees and such... things like a dog park or such.


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                        With some of these businesses, it might be nice to be able to build a parking lot or nearby parking garage, maybe being able to watch people enter and exit their homes and enter and exit the businesses instead of just seeing them walking dogs or kids in stroller or watching kids kick soccer balls near main streets... would be nice to see the people actually go into the parks, homes, businesses etc..

                        How about some office buildings and a few similar type white collar businesses not just food or such like that?


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                          It would be neat to see the citizens interacting with each other maybe conversation bubbles and giving us a chance to interact with them.. this could take all your games up a whole new level!


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                            think many of the so called community buildings should be commercial buildings and make money, things like courts and libraries etc stay as community buildings but junkyard, recycling plant, the universities, schools etc.. should be commercial buildings

                            in real life those organizations are businesses and make money. Why not in the game too?


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                              I may have mentioned this before I think it would be nice to see citizens going into their homes, getting in their cars, going into the businesses and making 'comments' for the players to click on as a way to get bonuses of gold or cash as another way of building up a stash of both so you can build more or get more buildings... or such...

                              I also think there are a few businesses missing. No bakeries, or garage/gas stations, hair salons, grocery stores etc..

                              I know City Island 5 has them but to have them here would allow those of us who play the game to create more lifelike cities. Especially if we could interact with the citizens..

                              Maybe being able to choose citizens would be fun too.. and what they do for a living/where they work ... I also think the islands since essentially the islands are all one big city..

                              maybe having like taxi boats or bridges to connect them or tunnels so citizens could travel back and forth.

                              An airport would be nice. would be neat if the helicopters on the hospital and stuff would fly around too.. etc...

                              Maybe hosting events at some of the buildings too - like being able to do weddings or if there was an arena - do concerts and in the business centers maybe hosting a speaking event and at the university maybe hosting lectures - like maybe being able to send a citizen or something to do these things and invite other citizens and then when the event is full we get some kind of bonus or something..