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City Island 4 for Windows 10?

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  • City Island 4 for Windows 10?

    Hi folks, hope the developers will get around to making City Island 4 available for Windows 10. It's not the same playing on the smart phone - would really like to play on my laptop because of the bigger screen size!

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    I am playing City Island 4 on my Computer and I have Windows 10...not sure why you're not able to play.


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      I have tried to download it and it just downloads to my android phone rather than to windows.


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        I have tried again on Google Play and it gives me the option of downloading to my android phone only. I clicked on the download arrow and it just shows the android phone again. I can't seem to find a version to download for windows 10.


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          Hello DancingDolphin Takerdasangel ,

          We would like to inform you that the game City Island 4 is not yet released on Microsoft store as of now and there are 6 games available on the Windows platform. City Island 2, 3, Battle Empire: Roman Wars, Paradise City: Island Sim, Village City Island Sim, and Tropic Paradise. You can play all the other games of Sparkling Society on iOS or Android platform devices.

          However, we have forwarded your feedback to our product team about launching other games on Windows/iMac/Amazon platform as well. They will surely look for this in a future update.

          For more queries, we request you to contact our Support team. In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link;
          [email protected]
          [email protected]
          [email protected].


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            thank you
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              Hello Support Team, I am unable to respond via my email as I do not have the ability to send emails via outlook! I would like to know how do I change my screenname it's misspelled its not taKerdasangel, it's TaLerdasangel..there is a L not a K. Also once again I am having issues with one of my buildings that I purchased. Bought it about 3 days ago and it hasn't completed yet? Still showing only 40% with employees...why and when is this going to complete. Also why are all the dollar signs RED on all my buildings except 1 which is on grass not dirt? Please get back to me thank you