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Time added to construction timers?

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  • Time added to construction timers?

    Is anyone else having trouble with time being added to all of their construction timers when exiting then returning to the game?

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    Hi MIKE9999,

    This is strange. We request you to please contact our support team as they will assist you better.

    In order to contact our correct support team, we request you to visit the following link:
    [email protected]

    [email protected]
    [email protected]


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      I've been in contact with Sparkling Society support regarding this issue for quite some time now. They have no idea why this is happening and say that they are working on the problem. Support has also told me that my problem appears to be unique.


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        yes i have had that problem too, seconds to minutes and minutes to hours.


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          I'm also having this issue, and its getting upsetting because it is not the first time...
          The cafe should take 2:45:00 to be build.... After 1h, when you look a the building, it says around 7 hours!
          On my cellphone it usually happen when it is close for too long. Or on my windows10 when i close the app...


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            I was asking the same question in this topic but finally I found your question
            I too have the same problem and not once, many times so you are not the only one
            i hope they find a solution

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            • earthly@fire777
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              Editing a comment
              hi there l am having the same problem as well but my construction timers say any time from 5 - 8 - 12 or even the ridicules 34 hours to build some buildings was normal building time but as the levels go up now having to wait longer and longer for the completion or the same for upgrades my times started to get longer after level 75 now on level 94 now waiting even longer and now having trouble getting items from in game purchases as my other post states

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            Struggling with seconds to minutes and minutes to hours. Any one can help?

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              HI there,

              I've been playing CI 4 on Windows 10 for a few weeks now and everything ran fairly well..up to now.

              I just logged out and got back construction timer on the snow island got multilplied in some way, e.g. it tells me thta the enhancing rest time for one of the hotekls is 24 hrs and the other bildings ice climbing, restaurant, flats, snowboarding-park) have timers of 6 to 8 hrs !

              On desert island, the hotel has a rest time (getting to level 10) of 20 hrs.

              Additonally, the difference between inhabitant and working personnel numbers is now nearly 190 without having changed anything and the sitisfication value of my inhabitants /should be about 106%) is 102%. Surely this means that it gets decreased much faster cause of the multiplied building times and the "much-too-high" number of inhabitants.

              Can anybody help me ?

              Thx in advance for every answer


              PS: I don't know the titels of all buildings in English, I', playing the German version. Does that make any difference ?


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                I solved the problem for the moment, which means I took a detour...had some space left and added a few farms which I enhanced. As in reality, it's always a good idea not to use all the space you have (sometimes, it might be needed to shift as well).


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                  edit: accidentally, I saved an empty entry...this last one here can be deleted if possible


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                    UPDATE: It has been seven months since I reported the problem of time being added to construction timers after exiting then returning to the game and the bug still has not been fixed. This still happens in my game on a daily basis.


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                      Why is Sparkling Society burying its head in the sand on this issue. Many, many people have complained about this and it is easy to replicate. Why is Sparkling Society choosing to be silent on this issue when they have known about this all year? I purchased a couple of half-price chests so they have my money yet they deliberately choose to stay silent and be content with supplying a dodgy product